Stop Smart Meters Australia Announces Planned Legal Action

Stop Smart Meters Australia are inviting the public to join their organisation and consider becoming part of a legal action against the Victorian government.  This is due to the fact that the Victorian government has ignored advice about the health, privacy and other risks of “smart meters” and because of the “bullying” and un-democratic way in which companies have been reported to be fulfilling the Victorian government’s instructions to fit a “smart meter” to every home and small business by the end of 2013.  (This Victorian government mandate for “smart meter” installations is a recommendation only:  there is no legislation in the State that requires installation of a “smart meter”. )

If you have family or friends in Australia please let them know about Stop Smart Meters Australia and  ask them to visit and also

Australian Government Proposes Compulsory Smart Meter Roll Out

The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that  the Australian government is considering mandatory installation of “smart meters” in some Australian businesses,  so that electricity companies can remotely turn off “non essential” electrical devices such as deep freezers (fancy a freezer full of rotten food, anyone?) or “air conditioners”  (never mind that some people may swelter to death in the heat of an Australian summer because their electricity company considers  air conditioning to be  some of frivolous luxury!)

Medium sized businesses will be able to “op out” of the programme, while households will be given the chance to “opt in”.  The article states “The ‘opt in’ recommendation could avoid big price rises for households that do not change their usage.”

The proposed roll out, the Sydney Morning Herald reports, will be accompanied “by intensive public education” (presumably  propaganda to try to blindside the public into believing that “smart meters” are safe and essential) as well as “special protections for low-income households.”

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