“Smart meters” causing electrical problems

Hi Katherine

I will be keeping an eye out for the installers as I have been given the  thumbs up from Mercury that they have sent a request to the installers not to go ahead. If they turn up they will be given an ear-full in no uncertain terms! Thanks for your warning.

When we had a smartmeter installed at our last house we blew around 12 bulbs of multiple different types in less than 2 months. (Of course they claimed that we had high voltage etc etc)

When I spoke to my brother in law who is an electrician, he was very interested when I spoke about it seeming to be since the smartmeter was installed, as he had had multiple complaints about new homes he had wired in the Christchurch region of which he said would have had smartmeters installed.

Of course he googled and found the issues around these things.

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