Could a smart meter mean you are miserably cold during winter?

Heat pumps are becoming more popular in NZ.  People are beginning to appreciate that heat pumps can keep homes much warmer than many other heating options.

However, what many people don’t realise when they decide to install a heat pump, is that if their home also has a smart meter, they may be risking an unpleasant surprise sometime down the track…


Because some of the smart meters installed in NZ have ZigBee chips – and these ZigBee chips can potentially communicate with heat pumps that also  contain ZigBees.

And the result of these interactions?

An electricity retailer and/or lines company can potentially use the smart meter to take  control of the heat pump and turn it down to its lowest setting.

Not a very comforting thought on a cold night…

(Of course, refusing the installation of a smart meter should mean that you (not your electricity company) remain in control of your heat pump.)

However, if you already have a smart meter and/or a heat pump, the good news is that not all smart meters and heat pumps  contain ZigBee chips…

To find out if the smart meter at your home and any heat pump you may already have (or be considering purchasing) contains a ZigBee chip, please read the post below: