An inexpensive way to hard-wire an internet connection

Do you want to be able to access the internet without the potential health risks from the microwave radiation emitted by a wi-fi router…but have been worried that a hard-wired solution is too expensive?

Good news!  It’s not.

“Hard-wiring” an internet connection need not require expensive cabling within a home.  It can be done using an existing copper phone line connection with a line filter for each phone line. (These line filters cost less than $20 each).

The price of the ethernet cabling to connect the computers to a router depends on the distance between the router and the computers. If they are close together, it can be less than $20.

Many modern routers are dual purpose wireless/wired and a representative of your internet company can instruct you over the phone how to disable the wireless capacity of a dual purpose router.  (Please note that if you re-set your router for any reason, the wireless capacity will be turned back on again.)

You also need to turn off the modems within your computer.

NB: Even an iPad may be able to be connected to the internet through a wired connection; please see this post for details:

(Please note that I do not have an iPad so I have not been able to try this out for myself and I cannot take any responsibility for whether or not it works or is suitable for all varieties of iPad.)

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