Whangarei smart meter emissions reach 418,000 microwatts per square metre

In the video below you can see footage that local journalist Clare Swinney took while visiting her friend Maxine who had had two smart meters installed at her home by her electricity retailer.

The meters are both EDMI Atlas Mk7A smart meters. These are a common type of smart meter in NZ.

As you can see, on one visit to Maxine’s house the smart meter (or smart meters, if they were transmitting simultaneously) was measured as producing a pulse of RF radiation* of 240,000 microwatts per square meter (240mW/m2).

On a second occasion the reading was 418,000 microwatts per square metre (418 mW/m2) .


This is a concern because the independent scientists who collaborated to produce the BioInitiative report recommends a maximum exposure limit of 1000 microwatts per square metre.

Maxine was not informed by her electricity company that the meter would produce microwave radiation.

As bad as the emissions were at Maxine’s house, they are nowhere near the maximum possible for EDMI smart meters that have a Sierra Wireless EWM GRPS 100 modem can produce, as is detailed at this link: https://stopsmartmeters.org.nz/latest-news/does-the-modem-for-this-smart-meter-produce-more-radiation-than-is-legal-in-nz/


NB: If you do not want to expose yourself to the potential risks of smart meters, which include health and fire risks, as well as higher bills, you may like to read this link to find out about how other New Zealanders are successfully preventing smart meters from being installed at their homes and businesses.

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NB:  Clare Swinney developed eye pain following the filming of this high pulse of microwave radiation, as is detailed at this linkIf you want to film a smart meter, please do not risk the health of your eyes by standing close to the meter while filming it.  Please use a tripod.   


*Also known as microwave radiation


NB: The test meter used was a Cornet ED 78S model EMR test meter. While this is not a professional level meter, it is reasonably accurate.

Is electropollution the worst health threat we face?

If you have been wondering why there are so many people that you know battling cancer or some other degenerative disease, perhaps the answer may be as close as the DECT cordless phone base on your friend’s bedside table,  the smart meter on their bedroom wall,  the wi-fi router on their work desk, or the smart phone in their breast pocket…or perhaps all of these things  in combination…?

Modern wireless technologies that produce radiofrequency radiation (RFR) that can damage DNA (with high enough exposures) are in common use and believed by most people to be safe?

A new post on the website of the award-winning smart meter documentary Take Back Your Power* examines the proliferation of wireless technologies and asks whether we are unwittingly putting our health at risk through uncritical adoption of new high-tech gadgetry.

Here’s the link:



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