Smart meter replacement success

Hi Katherine


How are you?


I have some good news! Nova Energy will replace the meter with an analogue one, no problem! We have to pay



Meridian would not do anything despite my complaints.


So please put that out there..change to Nova…. they are still open to not doing smart meters, although they do support them they say, but also understand that not everyone wants them. I had quite a good chat with someone there who says that they are having other people phone them and wanting to get rid of their smart meter. I said that if they keep that policy they will get a lot of customers as people realise the health effects of the smart meters.


Best Wishes and thanks for your support. If there is anything i can do to help the cause let me know.

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A tale of two electricity companies…

This message was recently sent through the Contact form:

Recently received my “Good News” letter from Genesis saying they were upgrading the meters in our area.  Phoned Genesis to say I did not  consent to my meter being upgraded and was told that it was the Law and my options were to change retailer or upgrade.  Following their  advice I changed my retailer to Nova and then called Genesis to tell  them of my switch.  I was then told I could in fact now remain on my  standard meter and the information I had been given was wrong.  “Oh, what a shame!” I said, “Had I been told this last week I would have remained with Genesis, but I am receiving a better rate on my  controlled and anytime meters and the discount was greater with my new supplier.” 

So the message to all is be persistent, shop around, let your concerns be known.

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Editor’s comment: It is commonly being reported to me that electricity companies are telling customers that it is compulsory to have a “smart meter” but the Electricity Authority has not made “smart meters” mandatory. See: 

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