How much microwave radiation do smart meters in NZ produce?

There are a variety of different types of smart meters on the NZ market.  These include EDMI Atlas Mk7A, Mk7C and Mk7D meters, Elster gREX meters and Landis+Gyr E350 series smart meters, to name a few of the more common types.

The meters all have to comply with NZS2772.1:1999.  However this standard is designed to protect only against shocks, thermal injury and sudden death not the type of symptoms  (such as headaches, heart function abnormalties etc that have been reported by many people following exposure to radiation from smart meters. (See:

The following links discuss the level of microwave radiation produced by different types of smart meters on the NZ market. 

In practice, exposure from the same type of meter could vary depending on the type of environment in which a meter is located.  (For example, a meter inside am open plan home could expose the occupants to more microwave radiation than the same type of  meter mounted on an exterior corrugated iron wall as the metal will reflect radiation away from the home.)

Another type of meter (it looks from the photo to be an Elster gREX smart meter) was measured as producing 1,360,000 microwatts per square metre.



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