An entertaining video about smart meters

An entertaining video about smart meters

The people who have produced the video below deserve a round of applause for making the subject of smart meters (which admittedly can be quite dry unless you are a technie) actually entertaining!

Even if you think you already know all about smart meters, this is a video worth watching.



Please note that the video “Smart Attack” was produced in North America where  different varieties of smart meters are being used.  In-use testing of smart meters in New Zealand shows that there are varied emission profiles ranging from as often as a pulse of microwave radiation every eight seconds to as infrequently as every eight hours.  (You can click HERE to learn more about how much radiation is produced by the different types of smart meter on the market in NZ.)

However, given that if you accept a smart meter, you have no control over how often it will transmit, the easiest way to protect yourself from the potential risks to your health, privacy and finances explained in the video is to say NO to a smart meter.

Smart meters are not compulsory in NZ.  (Sometimes staff working for electricity retailers will claim that smart meters are a “government requirement” or that existing meters must be replaced with smart meters by a certain date; this is NOT TRUE. (Please see this link for details:

There are a variety of alternatives to smart meters on the market in NZ.  They range from electronic meters that are not smart meters, to traditional Ferraris meters. A Ferraris meter is the traditional electromechanical meter that contains no electronics. (Some of the non smart meters available in NZ may be seen at the website of Legacy Metering Group which you may visit by clicking HERE.)


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