Latest smart meter fire updates

The website (from which you stream or purchase a copy of the award-winning smart meter documentary Take Back Your Power has a comprehensive new report and also a video on smart meter fires and explosions.


The link to the report and video is below:


Smart Meter Fires: Burning meters, burning questions, shocking answers (video)


Smart meter fire information for New Zealand

Information about smart meters and fires in NZ may be found at this link:


Ed note: Please note that smart meters are not compulsory in NZ and many NZers are successfully refusing smart meters for a variety of reasons, some of which are detailed at this link.

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Canadian smart meter explodes

An exploding smart meter recently exploded into a “ball of fire” at a home in Ontario, Canada.  Fortunately the smart meter concerned was mounted on the exterior wall of a brick home so the house did not catch fire.

All the details are at this link:


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