Update on smart meter fires in NZ October 2018

Website editor’s note: A supporter of Stop Smart Meters NZ recently contacted the Fire and Emergency NZ (previously the NZ Fire Service)  to find out the latest data about smart meter related fires in NZ.

She received the following information, together with a covering letter that stated that fires reported as being associated with smart meters could in some cases be due to a combination of factors not just the smart meter (such as water entering a meter box).

You may see the data released under the Official Information Act by clicking on the document below:

OIA 2018-6557 Stats related to smart meters and fires in NZ from Fire and Emergency NZ

Please note that the information may released under the Official Information Act may NOT include all smart meter related fires that have occurred in NZ in this time frame. The reason for this was elicited in further correspondence between the supporter of Stop Smart Meters NZ and a representative of Fire and Emergency NZ who wrote:

“I am advised that the field on our incident reporting for noting whether there was equipment involved in the ignition of the fire is not mandatory, as not all fires are ignited by a piece of equipment. Coding it as a ‘smart meter’ fire also relies on the incident reporter being aware that the meter was a smart meter.” [Emphasis added]

So while the official statistics on smart meter related fires in NZ list only a relatively small number of fires, the official figures could be somewhat or even much lower than the actual number of smart meter-related fires.

The potential fire risk from a smart meter is a good reason (among any others) to refuse to have a smart meter installed. Smart meters are NOT compulsory in NZ so you can refuse a smart meter if you don’t want one.

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Smart meter fire at NZ school

A local newspaper in the Kaipara District of Northland has reported that a smart meter caught fire at a school in Tinopai.

It appears from the report that the fire fortunately did not cause damage beyond the meter board. The school was up and running the next day. The full story and a a good photo of the volunteer fire fighters who attended the fire as well as the melted smart meter at the link below:


Stop Smart Meters NZ has also recently received a report of a house fire in NZ caused by a smart meter. In this case, the house was rendered uninhabitable.

If you have had a home or business affected by a smart meter fire or unexplained electrical fire, you can report this to Stop Smart Meters NZ through the Contact Form. (Information is kept in confidence and not published on the website unless permission is given to do this.)

More information about smart meters and fires in NZ may be found at this link: https://stopsmartmeters.org.nz/latest-news/are-smart-meters-causing-fires-in-new-zealand/

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