Ferraris analogue meter installed at new home

Ferraris analogue meter installed at new home

For all of you out there who are building new homes and want to be smart meter free, there is a good news.

It was recently reported to that Nova installed a genuine analogue (Ferraris) meter at a new home for a customer. (Update to this story:  The company that installed the new meter for Nova was Legacy Metering Group which offers alternatives to smart meters.  You can read about the types of meters available from this company at this link

A Ferraris meter is a type of electricity meter that cannot produce microwave radiation and as it has no electronics and therefore no data storage capacity, Time of Use tariffs (see below) cannot be applied to electricity metered through a Ferraris meter.


Below is a photo of the Ferraris analogue meter


Ferraris meter installed at new home


TOU tariffs and YOU

One good reason for refusing a smart meter is that the “‘time of use” (TOU) pricing plans that a smart meter installation can facilitate can make electricity more expensive.  Please see the link below for details.


Smart Meters “Time of Use” pricing “punishes” families

Smart meters are NOT compulsory in NZ

Please note that while staff from some electricity companies have been telling their customers that smart meters are compulsory or are some sort of government requirement, this is NOT true.  (There is more information about this issue at this link )  If you do not want a smart meter because you are concerned about the higher bills that could follow a smart meter installation, or Time of Use pricing, many people in NZ are successfully refusing to have a smart meter installed using the techniques described at this link


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