Concerned about how the TPPA might impact on the smart meter situation?

This site recently covered how the TPPA could impact on the smart meter situation in NZ.

Basically, if the government signs the TPPA the smart meter situation could get much worse. For more details see:

If you oppose the TPPA there is a petition that you can sign at this link:

At the link below you may sign up for an email list to learn about the TPPA and how you can help the campaign against it:

How the TPPA might torpedo sensible laws to protect people smart meters…

This website has previously discussed the smart meter situation and how the “Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement” (TPPA) could adversely affected New Zealand by making it more difficult to pass legislation to protect New Zealanders from smart meters, which pose health and privacy risks.  (See:

In addition, there are members of the medical profession who are opposed to the TPPA (for example, see this link and there are many other New Zealanders opposed to the TPPA for various reasons.  TPPA opponents include advocates for safe food and anti-smoking campaigners and environmental groups.

The text of the TPPA has not been made public, however, text that has been leaked shows that the TPPA makes provision for “Investor-State Dispute Settlements” which are essentially a mechanism by which corporations can sue governments if laws made by governments interfere with the corporation’s ability to make money. (If a corporation won its case, taxpayers would have to cough up the funds for damages awarded to the corporations.)

(You can read more about the “Investor-State Dispute Settlement” issue here:

Unfortunately, the NZ government has signaled its intention to sign the TPPA.

A large number of initiative are underway to try to persuade the government against signing the TPPA.  The week of August 8 to August 15 2015 has been designated as a week of action against the TPPA

For more information please visit this website

(There is an email list to which you can sign up for information.)

There is also a Facebook page that will include various anti-TPPA actions coming up in Auckland, beginning this week: