Is wi-fi killing trees?

The interesting article at the link below describes a study of the health of trees in an urban area which detected signs of damage to foliage which was attributed to exposure to the microwave radiation produced by wi-fi routers.


This research, and the observation of increasing numbers of sick trees in urban environments in Europe since the proliferation of wireless technologies inevitably raises the question of whether this form of radiation is safe for other life forms such as humans.

By the way, has been sent photos of of a damaged plant that was growing near a smart meter in  NZ.  If you have noticed ill or dying vegetation around a smart meter, wi-fi router or other source of microwave radiation and would like to report it, you can send a message through the Contact Form.

You can see how the health of a shrub was dramatically affected by a bank of smart meters in the USA at this link:

On a related note, you can see a youtube of radiation from a smart meter being measured at the link below.  The vine growing close the the meter is dying back.

(The meter shown in the link above is not typical of the type used in NZ so the footage is probably not from NZ.)


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Is Wi-Fi on planes a potential health and safety risk for passengers and staff?

Is Wi-Fi on planes a potential health and safety risk for passengers and staff? You can read what scientists and doctors have to say about this at the link below.

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Electropollution expert’s lecture now online

Earlier this year 92014) electropollution consultant Paul Waddell from   gave a lecture on electropollution.  Thank you for Vinny Eastwood for filming the lecture and making its available to everyone on youtube.

You can access part one of the presentation at this link and part two will be added when it is available.


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Free community screening of Beings of Frequency September 23

Beings of Frequency, the documentary that covers electromagnetic radiation and health  will screen at St Heliers Community Centre, 100St Heliers Bay Rd in Auckland on September 23 at 7pm.

Bookings are essential due to limited seating so please phone 575 6098 to book your place.

The screening is free and refreshments will be served.  The event has been organised by Paul Waddell from who will be available to answer questions after the movie.

Please let family and friends in Auckland know about this event. Thank you.


You can download a poster to put up to advertise this event from the link below:




Expert environmental lawyer Sue Grey’s presentation on wi-fi in schools now online

Expert environmental lawyer Sue Grey’s presentation on wi-fi in schools is now online.


You can see her presentation at this link:

Thank you to Sue Grey and to everyone who helped with recording and editing her presentation so it could be made available online to people who could not attend the presentation.

New videos on EMR and Health

Auckland electropollution Expert Paul Waddell from now has two new videos available. The one at this link is his presentation to  AIMA (Australasian Integrative Medical Association) members at their 2014 conference:


The video at this link is to Paul Waddell’s presentation on wi-fi in schools:

Public presentation on Wi-Fi in schools August 7th

Taikura Rudolf Steiner School is hosting a presentation, in conjunction with concerned parents, on
Wi-Fi in schools: the science, legal position, policy, and health and safety obligations

Thursday 7th August, 7pm at the Taikura School Hall, Nelson St, Hastings.

Guest Speaker: Expert Environmental Lawyer, Sue Grey LLB(Hons), BSc (Microbiology & Biochemistry), RSHDipPHI,

An examination of international responses to Wi-Fi technology both at governmental and medical levels as well as current NZ government standards will also be covered . Q & A is scheduled at end of evening.
You are warmly invited to attend this talk if you are in Hastings at this time.


Harvard Neuroscientist Warns Against Wi-Fi in Schools

Martha R Herbert, PhD, MD, a pediatric neurologist and neuroscientist  on the faculty of Harvard Medical School has warned that W-Fi should not be used in schools due to concerns that exposure to the pulsed microwave radiation used in Wi-Fi may have adverse effects on children’s ability to learn and potentially damage their health.

In a letter to the Los Angeles Unified School District, Dr Herbert stated:

“EMF/RFR from Wi-Fi and cell towers can exert a disorganizing effect on the ability to learn and remember, and can also be destabilizing to immune and metabolic function.  This will make it harder for some children to learn, particularly those who are already having problems in the first place.”

Dr Herbert has also written a 60 page paper about how exposure to electromagnetic radiation may affect children’s development, supported by more than over 550 references to the scientific literature.

Dr Herbert’s letter to the Los Angeles Unified School District may be viewed at the following link, and her paper may be downloaded from the following link: