This website has been created as a public service to help raise New Zealanders’ awareness of the potential health issues associated with electropollution including the microwave radiation emitted by “smart” or “advanced” meters.


Unless there is a massive public rejection of “smart meters”, the NZ population will be exposed to increasing levels of microwave radiation  from “smart meters” used to measure electricity use. (Also, at least one company also plans to install ”smart meters” for their natural gas customers, as well.)


Smart meters are not compulsory, and every single person who refuses to install a “smart meter” (or gets their existing “smart meter” removed) can help reduce the level of  unnecessary and potentially harmful microwave radiation in their own home – and their wider community.

We hope that you will join us in this endeavour and that you will recommend this website to your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours and work towards a “smart meter-free” Aotearoa.


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Terms of use of this site Information on this site has been compiled from both publicly accessible websites as well as private communications.  While accuracy is the goal, there may be inadvertent errors in the site content. Site users are encouraged to seek other sources of information on the “smart” meter issue rather than relying solely on this site as a source of information and to seek help from appropriate professionals if they suspect their health is being adversely affected by electromagnetic radiation.