This page is to share videos that cover various aspects of the “smart meter” issue, and/or other EMR related issues.  If you have suggestions for other videos to share on this page, please email through the Contact form.

NB: If you prefer to read rather than watch videos, the Recommended websites page of this site has links to a lot of written information, as does the Health Issues page.)


Take Back Your Power “smart meter”  documentary

To view the trailer of a documentary on the “smart meter” Take Back Your Power, please see click here.

The documentary is now available at to view or purchase the DVD or check out one of the public screenings that are being organised around NZ and can be accessed by clicking here.

NB:  Some excerpts from the documentary may be seen here.


Dr Klinghardt, who appears on the documentary, may be seen at this youtube link discussing  health effects of “smart meters”:


Resonance – Beings of Frequency (Documentary)

This documentary examines the 60 years of scientific research into EMR to uncover the mechanisms by which mobile phones may contribute to cancer.



The Dark Side of Smart Meters

This Youtube video features engineer Rob States explains “smart meter” technology and also discusses health effects:


Presentations from the 2012 Stop Smart Meters Forum

The three links below are presentations by Nicole Bijlsma  (owner and founder of the Australian College of Environmental Studies, see:  at the Australian  Stop Smart Meters Forum (25 November 2012)
1. Why the authorities are not acting on electromagnetic fields (14.37 minutes) (currently unavailable).

(The Australian standards may be accessed on this link )

 2. Electrical Hypersensitivity – what is it? (13:21 minutes) (currently unavailable).

 3. Reducing your exposure to electromagnetic fields (7 minutes) (currently unavailable).