An alert for any readers who are customers of Genesis: Genesis plans to introduce so-called “smart” gas meters in 2020.

Genesis is using the term “advanced” to refer to these meters.

While I assume that Genesis has been testing these new meters, quite apart for the potential health risks from the microwave radiation from any type of smart meter, I would not want to have a “smart” gas meter given that there have been reports of fires in association with “smart” electricity meters in NZ and also overseas.

The roll out is not planned to begin until mid-2020 so if you do not want a “smart” gas meter you have time to look for a new gas supplier. (Based on reports received from Genesis electricity customers it does not seem likely that the company would respect your decision to refuse to have a “smart” or, as the company terms it, an “advanced” gas meter at your home or business.)

If you would like to read Genesis’s press release you can find it here:

You may enjoy the following link contributed by an Australian correspondent:

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