Good news if you would like to express your opposition to a smart meter in Te Reo! We have two Te Reo-English smart meter posters available on the Resources page of our website.

A big thank you to the volunteers who worked together to create these posters by expressing key concerns about smart meters in Te Reo and creating the graphics, and giving permission for the posters to included on this website.

Each of the posters is bilingual, so you will make your point even to people who do not understand Te Reo.

Here is a bit of background information about the posters:

One poster has the following text:

Kia matapoporetia (e te iwi) means be careful of (people) te hangarau aa-papatuhituhi -smart board technology, ka hahana atu- emits, radiates out from, te mate radiation- radiation sickness. Te paahua tenei mahi -This work is a robbery/rip off.

The other poster has the following text:

Kia Tupato kia paa te mate ta koutou tinana i enei mihini hihiko kikino me te utu nunui hoki ou nama/ It translates as: Beware of these bad electrical machines (known as smart meters/radiation emitters) that harm/kill your body, matched by increased bill charges.

The translator of this poster has used vocabulary that will be familiar to people who speak Te Reo as it is spoken in Northland.

Smart meters are NOT compulsory in NZ

Please note that while staff from some electricity companies have been telling their customers that smart meters are compulsory or are some sort of government requirement, this is NOT true. (There is more information about this issue at this link ) If you do not want a smart meter because you are concerned about the higher bills that could follow a smart meter installation, or Time of Use pricing, many people in NZ are successfully refusing to have a smart meter installed using the techniques described at this link

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