Website editor’s note:  The following smart meter removal success report was received recently and shows that being persistent pays off in getting rid of a smart meter. If you would like to report your smart meter removal success, you can reach www, through our Contact Form.


I thought you might like a success story.

I reached an agreement with Contact Energy – after going to the Electricity and Gas Commission, to have my smart meter removed.

The grounds for my case were that the terms and conditions of my contract with Contact had been clearly breached with insufficient notice of installation being given.

The outcome was reached after I repeatedly refused their offers, initially for the chip being removed, then the chip being removed without cost, then an apology and a compensation payment.

As I was unsatisfied with the last offer, I was prepared to take the matter to Court and indicated the same. In the process of the Commissioner making a ruling, two analogue meters were found that could be reinstalled. It pays to keep pushing and to stand firm to your position.


Smart meters are NOT compulsory in NZ

Please note that while staff from some electricity companies have been telling their customers that it is compulsory to have a smart meter installed or that smart meters are some sort of government requirement, this is NOT true.  (There is more information about this issue at this link )  If you do not want a smart meter because you are concerned about the higher bills that could follow a smart meter installation, or Time of Use pricing, or the possible health risks many people in NZ are successfully refusing to have a smart meter installed using the techniques described at this link


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