Below are the topics which feature in the December issue of EMR and Health, which is well worth reading.

The newsletter may be read at this link:


  • a legal seminar run by the Law Faculty of NSW University about wireless radiation, risk and liability;
  • the establishment of a new Australian Association for wireless safety;
  • WiFi precautions being introduced in US schools;
  • the latest update on Berkeley’s mobile phone labels;
  • Martin Pall’s new study on the link between EMR and symptoms;
  • dirty electricity and what to do about it;
  • EHS – the experts are saying it’s real and can be diagnosed;
  • a report on smart meter problems in Australia;
  • how an Australian mum stopped WiFi in her child’s school;
  • some tips for a safer home and holiday;
  • the latest news, research and items of interest from around the world and MORE.



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