Site editor’s note: Earlier this month I received this email from a lady asking for help as she had developed headaches after moving into a new home with a smart meter on the bedroom wall.


Here is the first email from this correspondent:


“I have recently become aware of the health risks posed by smart meters when moving to my new location in Christchurch.


“A smart meter is directly located on the outside wall of the bedroom and since sleeping in that room, I have been waking up with sharp pain over my right eye with headaches only getting better when I leave the room/ house throughout the day. Upon closer inspection of the smart meter box I felt light-headed, and had difficulty ‘finding words’ when talking.


“I contacted Contact Energy and they are willing to remove the chip from my smart meter for a $125 fee (although at first I received the usual – it’s like sleeping next to your cell phone speech).


“I was wondering if you were aware of any community members in Christchurch (south of city centre) that could possibly perform a RF reading after the chip has been removed to verify that it was ACTUALLY removed?


“Thanks for your help,





An email discussion ensued while this lady was waiting for the technician from her electricity retailer to remove the modem (the part of the smart meter which produce microwave radiation) from the EDMI Mk7A smart meter. In NZ, this  type of smart meter usually communicates through the Vodafone cellular phone infrastructure.


Quoting from a subsequent email:


“…the symptoms have only  got worse over the week, so hopefully starting next week I will be able to have a good night’s sleep again.

“I have always been sensitive to EMF sources, although never this aware.

“My husband is closer to wall with the smart meter and I have been waking up on his side of the bed with intense nausea during the night. (I might add: I have not changed eating habits etc.)  And now that we have been there for close to three weeks and I have become so tired/ unconcentrated/ exhausted and unmotivated over this short space of time.




I received the following email the day after the technician came to the home and removed the modem

“Unfortunately I wasn’t at home when the electrician called me for the modem removal.


[She had hoped to be home and document its removal –Ed]


“On the upside – today I woke up and for the first time in three weeks there was no pressure feeling in my head and no stabbing pain above my eyes. I am so relieved. My husband noted as well that over the last few weeks the first thing I uttered in the morning was: I have a headache!”


Editor’s comment:  In the cases that have been reported to, when symptoms develop after installation or a smart meter, or after moving to a new home that has a smart meter, removal of the modem usually results in the resolution of the symptoms.

If you are in this situation, based on reports that I have received, it is important to prioritise removal of the smart meter (and avoid being in close proximity to the smart meter, if possible, while waiting for the removal of the modem. ) This is because exposure to the microwave radiation produced by smart meters has been reported as a possible trigger of electrosensitivity reactions.


Also:  As a general rule beds and work desks (or anywhere else where someone spends a significant amount of time) should be located at least 1-2 metres away from any type of electricity meter, including analogue (Ferraris) meters due to the high magnetic fields associated with the meter and household wiring.


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