The interesting article at the link below describes a study of the health of trees in an urban area which detected signs of damage to foliage which was attributed to exposure to the microwave radiation produced by wi-fi routers.


This research, and the observation of increasing numbers of sick trees in urban environments in Europe since the proliferation of wireless technologies inevitably raises the question of whether this form of radiation is safe for other life forms such as humans.

By the way, has been sent photos of of a damaged plant that was growing near a smart meter in  NZ.  If you have noticed ill or dying vegetation around a smart meter, wi-fi router or other source of microwave radiation and would like to report it, you can send a message through the Contact Form.

You can see how the health of a shrub was dramatically affected by a bank of smart meters in the USA at this link:

On a related note, you can see a youtube of radiation from a smart meter being measured at the link below.  The vine growing close the the meter is dying back.

(The meter shown in the link above is not typical of the type used in NZ so the footage is probably not from NZ.)


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