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People everywhere, including those in media and wireless companies, are waking up to the reality and huge implications of wireless/EMF harm.

And the wake-up is happening faster than we probably think. Here are 4 cases in point:

#1: CNN just aired an episode on toxins that included EMF on prime time (Morgan Spurlock’s Inside Man: The Truth About Toxins). More info / view it

#2: Legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog’s new feature “Lo And Behold” (from Sundance 2016) about the Internet-of-Things was just released, which features a segment on electrosensitive people that was respectfully done. Watch trailer / see it in theatres

#3: The GFIM World 2016 Congress (Oct 7-9, 2016 in Santa Fe, NM) will feature a special EMF PANEL with Camilla Rees MBA, Dietrich Klinghardt PhD, Martin Pall PhD, and Yury Kronn PhD. (GFIM stands for Global Foundation for Integrative Medicines.) More info / trailer / registration

#4: This good-news article, “Cafe Thrives Without WiFi” by Jeromy Johnson



Smart meters are  NOT compulsory in NZ

Roll outs of wireless so-called “smart” meters are ongoing in many areas of NZ. (Some companies may describe smart meters as “advanced” meters in their letters to customers or simply state that the company plans to install the “next generation” meter or upgrade or a replace the existing meter.)

If you live in an area where smart meters are being installed you may  receive a letter stating that your meter will be upgraded or replaced, however sometimes letters get lost in the mail and do not arrive prior to a planned installation.

You can click HERE for information on how to avoid getting a smart meter.

Please note that while some electricity company representatives tell customers that smart meters are “compulsory” or are a “government requirement” or use other words to this effect, this is not true.  The legal situation regarding electricity meters is explained at this link.


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