For you information please find a link to download and / or listen to a very interesting interview with Lawyer Sue Grey on problems with microwave Wi-Fi and Smart Meters, etc.
on a radio program based in Hamilton with host Jack Gielen.

Search for the 1/2 hour Program – “From the Fringes” – 30/09/2015 at

The main interview on Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, etc. starts at about 6.10 minutes, though the preceding information may also be interesting.


Directions on how to find these programmes are below

Click on Podcasts for search for the above program and dates.
Go to the drop down menu for ‘From the Fringes’ programmes.
Guest speakers Sue Grey was on 01 Sept. (Katherine Smith, also speaking on smart meters appeared on 14th Oct.
Both programs can be re listened to and are also downloadable.

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Sue Grey was also on TV talking about smart meters in 2015:

See specialist environmental lawyer Sue Grey interviewed about smart meters on Mainland News

NB:  The latest (as of January 1 2016) TV coverage of the smart meter issue in NZ is below:

Maori TV news “Te Kaea” covers the smart meter story