Stop Smart Meters Australia has posted the story of an Australian mother who has become severely ill following the installation of a “smart meter” at her home.

Sofia was away on a business trip when the meter was installed without her being informed, and found out that her previous electricity meter had been replaced with a “smart meter” only after she became so ill that she had to be hospitalised with swollen legs and an acute burning rash all over her body and began to investigate what had changed in her environment in an effort to find a cause for her illness. Her other symptoms include burning pains in her eyes, mouth and throat, unexplained headaches, insomnia, nausea, irritability, constant fatigue and short-term memory loss and deterioration of her vision.  She is now unable to work and she and her daughter are dependent on an invalids pension.

To add insult, to injury, rather than apologise for the illness and attendant stress that Sofia and her daughter have suffered, and compensate her for her medical expenses and loss of income, her electricity company refused to remove the “smart meter” from her home.

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