Website editor’s note:  The copper lines that are used for landline phones (and the safe hardwired internet access that these line also facilitate) are under threat in NZ.  Please see this LINK for an introduction.

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Below is a template submission that you can use.  Please note that the text in bold italics is designed to edited out when you add your own details to personalise the submission.



Template submission


Your name here


“Telecommunications (New Regulatory Framework) Amendment Bill”



I oppose any change to telecommunications legislation or regulations that could make copper landline phones and/or internet access via the copper landline system unavailable to New Zealanders.


The copper landline system is a proven and safe technology that is better for people’s health than wireless systems.


[Please add a personal comment here]


For example: 

* Is it important to you to keep access to a landline home phone in case of a medical emergency?

* Do you have a friend or relative whose life was saved by being able to make a 111 call from their home phone?

* Are you on a low income and could not afford to replace perfectly good corded home phones and install fibre optic cabling in your home in order to have a corded VOIP phone if the copper landline service were no longer available in your area?

* Are you planning to start a family and want to ensure that you maintain access to a reliable copper landline service so that you can have a safe corded landline phone in your home for use in pregnancy

* Do you have children and want to ensure that you maintain access to a reliable copper landline service so that you can have a safe corded landline phone in your home for their use?

* Are you a business owner who wants to help meet your obligations to workers to provide a safe working environment by having safe copper corded phones available for their use on your premises?


The government needs to ensure that regulations are in place to protect access to copper landline phones in New Zealand and ensure that the infrastructure for this service remains well maintained and available at an affordable price.


There should be a thirty year moratorium on the removal of copper landline infrastructure.


Contractors installing fibre optic cabling in existing homes or buildings should be prohibited from removing internal copper phone wiring so that a dual system remains available for the use of the current (or future) house/building owner or tenant(s).


Installation of the copper landline system should be mandated for  new housing areas and new commercial and industrial developments.


To reduce the burden of illness on individuals, families and taxpayers, the use of copper landline based corded phones and safe hard wired internet should be encouraged by the government to minimise the avoidable health risks from unnecessary use of cellular phones.  Likewise, the government should encourage the use of hardwired computers for internet access.


I would/would not (please delete one of these options depending upon your preference) like to speak to this submission.


Yours sincerely,

Your name



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Save NZ’s landline phones – action needed NOW

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Reasons to oppose legislation that could reduce access to the copper landline phone system




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