It can really ruin your holiday if you come home to find an unwanted smart meter at your home.

Smart meter installers will be at work in many parts of New Zealand over the summer holiday period. I hope that the installers will have Christmas Day and the other statutory holidays off but i do not know if this will be the case –  so if you do not take precautions against an unwanted smart meter you could find one has been installed at your home  if you come back from a week’s holiday – or even a day at the beach.


Here is what people in NZ who do not want a smart meter have been doing to prevent these devices from being installed at their homes:


Please note that has received reports from New Zealanders who have had smart meters installed at their home without prior notification.  Also, even if notification is sent you may have only a few days notice – assuming the letter does not arrive while you are on holiday, if you are going away.  For this reason it is prudent to prepare in advance to ensure that your home stays smart meter free.


Please note that if your meter is inside your home and you may have family or friends or a housesitter at your home over the holiday period, it is important to let them know to refuse entry to anyone who says that they are going to “upgrade” or even “do maintenance” on the meter.


Wishing you a happy Christmas and a great start to 2016!



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