Website editor’s note:  The following report has recently come in through our Contact Form from a New Zealander who had a smart meter installed at a property he owns after the installer lied to his neighbour to gain access to the property.

If you do not want a smart meter at your home (or another property that you rent or own) please ensure that your family or employees or tenants (or anyone else with access to your property) know this. 

With this sort of underhand behaviour, it is important to emphasise to family, tenants, employees etc. that they should not allow access to the meter box for any purpose other than meter reading unless they have been specifically advised by YOU that access to the meter box is for a legitimate purpose.


The report is below:


Had a smart meter install done [date here] 2018 in my shop.  The installer conned owner of shop next door into giving him the shop key by saying meter wasn’t working and that I had requested it be changed.  Installer went inside changed meter and left.  I found out what had happened on [date here] 2018.  LIVID!!

Install was in Invercargill.  Electricity company is Contact Energy.  I phoned Contact and said I wanted the new meter removed and laid a complaint.

BEWARE:  Installers using fraudulent means to enter properties when owner/occupier not present!




Website editor’s note

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