A great present for someone who has (almost) everything

If you have a friend or relative who has virtually everything…here is a novel idea for a present for them.

A phone.  But not just any phone.

NOT a microwave-emitting cell phone that may increase their risk of developing a brain tumour (or a perhaps breast cancer in the case of women who may unwisely carry a mobile phone around in their bra.)

NOT a cordless phone – because cordless phones also use a microwave transmission frequency.  Moreover the bases for many models of cordless phones also transit microwave radiation into your home 24/7.  (Research shows that use of a cordless phone may also carry increased risk of brain tumours. )

A good old fashioned landline phone with a cord  allows people to communicate with their friends without microwaving their brain. 

A traditional phone with a cord is safe for children to use.  (Many scientists who are familiar with the literature on microwave radiation and health recommend that children DO NOT USE cell phones or cordless phones.)

So does a phone with a cord make a good gift idea?  I think so.

What do you think?


NB: I have no financial interest in companies that manufacture phones or provide landline services.


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