New Electricity Authority “Settlement Agreements” are good news for NZers who don’t want smart meters

Recently, this website has reported on some new “Settlement Agreements” on the Electricity Authority website.  These “Settlement Agreements” are good news for the many people in NZ who do not want a microwave radiation producing smart meter.

These “Settlement Agreements”  are especially good news for people who live in rural Canterbury or the Invercargill area and people whose electricity meters are owned by Contact Energy.


NB:  If you do not know what company owns the meter at your home, your electricity retailer should be able to tell you this or you can email the Electricity Authority and they should give you this detail and should also be able to tell you when your meter’s certification expired or is due to expire.


The links to the posts that explain the details of the “Settlement Agreements” and their implications   are below:


If you live in the Invercargill area and don’t want a smart meter, here is good news

The Electricity Authority’s settlement with Alpine Energy regarding its uncertified meters and what this means for consumers in NZ

What the Electricity Authority’s settlement with Contact regarding its uncertified meters means for consumers in NZ


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