In the Rangitikei area? You have a local website that covers smart meter issues…

If you are in the Rangitikei area and are interested in health and environmental issues in your part of the country, there is a great new website that covers a diverse range of topics including food, fracking, waste disposal and smart meters.

The main site link is:

If you are interested in growing some of  your own food there is some inspiring and useful information on this link of the site

If you would like to support a healthier environment in cities and towns in the Rangitikei region there is a petition to ban the use of glyphosate (now officially a “probable carcinogen”) at this link

The smart meter section of the site is here:


NB: If you are interested in the smart meter issue, please sign up for the email list at  This will allow you to get emails that give updates on the smart meter situation with a focus on NZ smart meter news.