Internet Party: 2014 Election Questionnaire

Given that this is an election year, in May 2014, I prepared a formal Election Questionnaire on behalf of and sent it to all the parties I knew to be contesting the 2014 general election.

For the record, I am neither a member of any political party, nor a donor to any political party.

Below is the response from the Internet Party ( For a more general discussion of the 2014 Election Questionnaire and links to replies from other parties contesting the 2014 general election, please see this link:Links to other parties’ responses are here:

A general discussion of the responses from the political parties may be found at this link:   (Reading this link is recommended for people who are new to the “smart meter” issue as it helps to put the statements made in some of the party responses into the overall context of the “smart meter” situation in NZ.)

Links to other political parties responses to the 2014 Election Questionnaire may be found at this link:


Please click on the link below to read the response from the Internet Party.

Internet Party reply to Stop Smart Meters NZ Political Parties Questionnaire 2014