A case of eye damage from smart meters

Whangarei journalist Clare Swinney has been measuring emissions from smart meters in the city using a Cornet ED 78S model EMR test meter.

At a recent measurement session  she detected a pulse of 418,000 microwatts per square metre of radiofrequency (RF) radiation in the microwave range when standing adjacent to two smart meters which had been installed at a friend’s home.

She reported the following via email:

Since Monday [the day of the testing] my eyes have felt as if they have been fried by the smart meter at Maxine’s which read 418 mW/m sq.  It hurt to open the left one this morning.  They have felt inflamed since Monday.

Report from Wednesday, January 20:

My eyes literally hurt when I went out into sunlight today.  A bonus is that I can use them to pick up rf emissions, as they are now sensitive to rf [radiofrequency] radiation.”

A follow-up email  on January 21 included the following:

“…when the rf hits my eyes, I feel a burning pain, as I did at [friends’ homes] owing to their wi-fis being on.

I bought fresh carrots 2 days ago and had 2 large glasses of fresh carrot juice yesterday, using a Breville juice fountain and will have more today.  I also am using vitamin C powder and tablets.  My eyes are feeling as if they’re getting better today, but there is still pain when I look around, but it was instructive to feel it, to know the damage that can be caused from rf.

A few days later (January 25) she wrote:

My eyes still are not 100%, but they feel as if they are in recovery and a lot less sensitive to light than they were last week…

Looking to the future

Hopefully, this improvement will continue until Clare’s eyes are completely healed. As a results of this experience, she is no longer going to stand near a smart meter if she is measuring RF and instead will set up a tripod to film the meter as it captures the RF pulses. (I would strongly urge anyone else who wants to or needs to film – an EMR test meter to document smart meter emissions to set up a tripod and stay away from the meter or meters to avoid this type of risk.)


Are you experiencing eye pain?

Based on Clare Swinney’s experience, if you have a smart meter installed at your home (especially in a location where you spend a significant amount of time such as near your bed or work desk) and you have been experiencing eye pain, it is a good idea to consult your doctor and/or optometrist to check for other causes of the pain. However, it may be prudent to consider whether the smart meter (and/or any other wireless devices you have in your home) may be causing (or contributing) to the problem.

Smart meter related health (or other) problems can be reported to www.stopsmartmeters.org.nz in confidence

If you have experienced eye problems (or other new symptoms) after a smart meter installation and would like to report them to www.stopsmartmeters.org.nz, you can do this through the Contact Form at this link: https://stopsmartmeters.org.nz/contact-us/

Any reports of smart meter related health issues (or other problems such as fires caused by smart meters reported to www.stopsmartmeters.org.nz are treated in confidence and will not be posted on the website unless written permission is given.)


Smart meters are not compulsory in NZ

It is NOT compulsory to have a smart meter in NZ and you can ask your electricity retailer to organise for the smart meter to be removed. Another possible option is for the modem and any ZigBee chip in the smart meter (these are the parts of a smart meter which produce pulses of RF radiation*) to be removed.

You can read about this option at this link: https://stopsmartmeters.org.nz/government-and-electricity-industry-positions/comparing-analogue-ferraris-meters-with-smart-meters-which-have-had-the-modem-removed/


Many people in NZ are saying “NO” to smart meters

If you do not already have a smart meter, and do If you do not want to expose yourself to the potential risks of smart meters, which include health and fire risks, as well as higher bills, you may like to read this link to find out about how other New Zealanders are successfully preventing smart meters from being installed at their homes and businesses.


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* also called microwave radiation