Smart meter/electronic meter exemption form

It has recently  been brought to my attention that there is a formal exemption process that may be used to avoid getting a “smart meter” or an electronic meter that is not a “smart meter”.  (Presumably this form could also be used to have an existing “smart meter” or electronic meter replaced.)

For people who are electrosensitive and cannot tolerate any dirty electricity that may be produced by the switch mode power supply in an electronic meter (even an electronic meter that is not a “smart meter”) the exemption from getting “smart meter” (or other electronic meter) is vital to health.

Given that the dirty electricity (DE)  (likely to be created by the switch mode power supply in  all electronic meters) has been associated with higher risk of cancer, it would seem that anyone with a personal or family history of cancer or any other condition (such as asthma) that is likely to be aggravated by increased exposure to DE would also have grounds to apply for an electromechanical analogue meter.

The form is available from this section of the Electricity Authority’s website: specifically from this link

NB: As soon as we have the information available, I will post makes and models of genuine new analogue electromechanical meters that are available and suitable for use in NZ. (The North-American based website has reported that there are fake analogue meters on the international market