Maori TV news “Te Kaea” covers the smart meter story

On Sunday, December 27, the Maori TV news programme “Te Kaea” broadcast a story about smart meters.

The story focuses on the experiences of Whangarei women Marama Waddell (who has become ill and experienced sleeping difficulties following the installation of a smart meter at her home) and Mrs Nellie Rata.  Mrs Rata – whose late husband Matiu Rata was the much loved MP – has had her power bill increase significantly after  a smart meter was installed at her home.

Local journalist Clare Swinney (who measured the EMR from a smart meter in Whangarei earlier in December) was interviewed for the news item.

You can view the story (which is mostly in Maori with English subtitles) may be viewed at this link:


Smart meters are NOT compulsory in NZ

Please note that while staff from some electricity companies have been telling their customers that smart meters are compulsory or are some sort of government requirement, this is NOT true.  (There is more information about this issue at this link )  If you do not want a smart meter because you are concerned about the higher bills that could follow a smart meter installation, or Time of Use pricing, many people in NZ are successfully refusing to have a smart meter installed using the techniques described at this link


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