Report to FDA of possible interaction between smart meter and implanted electrical stimulator in patient with Parkinson’s disease

A report has been made to the FDA about a possible interaction between a smart meter and an implanted neurostimulator in a patient with Parkinson’s disease.

To quote from the FDA website:

“Event Description

It was reported that the patient had been feeling dizzy and was losing balance when walking after an electric meter was installed the previous day. Additional information has been requested, a follow-up report will be sent if additional information becomes available.”

The follow up information was this:

“Additional information indicated that the patient’s family had a hard time determining if the meter was effecting the patient or if they symptoms were just a progression of the patient’s Parkinson’s disease. The health care provider stated that this was the first time they had come across a smart meter potentially affecting a neurostimulator. They also were unsure if the smart meter is effecting the patient’s neurostimulator or not. The patient was trying to have the electric meter replaced with the old mechanical one. If additional information becomes available, a follow-up report will be sent.”

So it is unclear at this stage whether the EMF from the smart meter was affecting the neurostimulator or not.

In the context of this report, it is interesting that author Suzanne Somers, whose new book TOX-SICK was recently released said in an interview that high EMF environments trigger the symptom of “facial grimaces” in her husband who has Parkinson’s disease. (You can read excerpts from Suzanne Somer’s new book and interview at this link

if you have any sort of implanted medical electronic device such as a pace maker or neurostimulator and are concerned that the functioning of the device may have been intefered with by a smart meter or other source or electromagnetic radiation, you can report your concerns to through the Contact Form at this link: (NB: Reports are received in confidence and information is not posted on the website unless written permission is given for this to be done.)

The full FDA report relating to the possible interaction between the implanted stimulator and the smart meter may be read at the link below.

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