Smart meter revolt in Dominican Republic

The US-based website has reported on a smart meter revolt in the Dominican Republic.

You can see the video and read what is hopefully a reasonably accurate summation of the reasons that people are so angry about the smart meters at the link below. (In essence it seems to be higher bills, with no change in electricity use, something which has also happened to some NZers after smart meters have been installed at their home:

You can see the video below:

NB: I do not speak Spanish. If anyone is fluent in Spanish and can confirm what the other translators have written, please email through our Contact Form.

Please note that I am not a lawyer and I am unsure of whether there is any law against removal of a smart meter by a householder in NZ; however, removal of smart meter without permission from an electricity retailer (even if the job were done by a qualified electrician, as it should be for safety reasons) could result in power being disconnected.


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