Headaches disappear after “comms” device removed from smart meter

Website editor’s note: The following email is from a New Zealander who described herself in an earlier email as usually being an “upbeat and energetic person” who found herself suffering inexplicably from chronic tiredness and headaches after moving house. Her doctor was not able to find a cause for her symptoms. Eventually a friend suggested that the smart meter at her new home might be the cause of the symptoms so she contacted www.stopsmartmeters.org.nz and described her symptoms. She also reported that a computer that was placed close to the smart meter was “playing up”.

The Landis+Gyr E350 series smart meter which was installed at her home contains a combines a modem and a ZigBee chip that are combined into a single “comms” [communications] device which is removable. At this customer’s request, the lines company that had installed the smart meter sent a technician who removed the comms device.

Below is a follow-up email from the customer after the comms device was removed:



Hi Katherine,

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts with this email.


My headaches have certainly ceased since having the comms unit removed from the meter.

I know so many people have baa..humbugged me for it and comments have been flying through various media about what a load of rubbish about health issues with these meters.


During the time of experiencing headaches we ended up purchasing  a new mattress, new pillows – thinking it was tension etc. as my husband was experiencing unsettled sleep also. But my headaches were progressively getting worse.  Even my doctor couldn’t help me figure out why.


I know it wasn’t a matter of it being all in my head (excuse the pun) because my next course of action was to get my eyes checked for the possibility that I needed new glasses.  I know it didn’t have anything to do with my eyes because I have NOW only just needed new glasses (no headache symptoms, just blurred vision).


After the unit was removed, It probably took just over a week (nearly 2)  for me to realise I was no longer waking up with a throbbing headache (it was actually my husband that mentioned one morning that I wasn’t moaning about having a headache)  and I can honestly say that all my eating, sleeping and any other…whatever habits…. had not changed except for having the comms unit removed from the meter.


I just say it’s similar to me being lactose intolerant – eating dairy makes me sick – but if I want to eat ice cream, I have soy dairy free.  So my meter was making me sick and if  I have to have a power meter, then I have one without the comms unit LOL !!


Thank you again for your kind thoughts



[Full name supplied]


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