Environmental lawyer Sue Grey talks about smart meters on Mainland News

Environmental lawyer Sue Grey was recently a guest on Mainland News where she discussed some of the health and privacy issues with smart meters.


You can see Sue Grey at the link below.  (The interview is second in the broadcast;  the first story features South Island businesses that have been nominated for awards…Another interview on the subject of smart meters follows the interview with Sue Grey.)



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Another New Zealander shares her experience with a smart meter

 Editor’s introduction: While the electricity industry would like you to believe that smart meters do not cause any adverse health effects, numerous people have reported new symptoms after a smart meter has been installed at their home. 

Here a recent report sent to www.stopsmartmeters.org.nz which has been published with its author’s permission.


The first email received from this usually fit and healthy lady was as follows:


I have been sick ever since the smart meter was put into my house 5 months ago. It sits about 1 metre from my bed head on an outside wall. The symptoms began when I went to bed and my sinuses would drain immediately and I would begin coughing and eventually vomiting before having to get up again and take an anti-inflammatory to settle my throat. This occurred every night. Then I began to get sore dry eyes which were only irritable when in the house. Outside the symptoms disappeared.


Six weeks ago I began to get a funny feeling in my head as though I had high blood pressure and when I went to bed I would be very dizzy. On getting out of bed in the morning I would fall over sometimes with the dizziness. This eased on getting out of the house. My eye strength has reduced within the past 4 months as I have always sewed for pleasure, I now cannot see the thread even with my glasses on and a close light.  I have also developed palpitations and a feeling that my heart is missing a beat and now I have chronic insomnia and feel nauseated all the time although this reduces when out of the house.


I have asked to have the smart meter removed and this has been agreed to by my service provider.


I think all Medical Practitioners should be questioning their patients when they come in with vague symptoms if they have a Smart Meter.


In my career I used microwaves to the treat sinusitis and muscle injuries. I was aware how careful we had to be in those days using special glasses if close to the rays. Now our houses a full of these rays.  What damage are they doing to us….?


I replied to this correspondent and received a second email in return:


…..I had the [communications unit which produces the microwave radiation] removed from the  meter today so will now be able to identify whether it was causing my sickness.  The unit was a metre from my bedside on the outside of the house and from the time I put it in I noticed that as soon as I put my head down on my pillow my sinuses would just pour down the back then I would start coughing and it would develop to vomiting.  This has continued but then I developed other symptoms which I have documented.


Last week I started turning off the wifi and all pilot controls when not in use and kept the windows and doors open until late my symptoms started to ease  I think the combination of all the elements within a house that is closed due to the cold could accentuate the issues.


I am happy for you to post my comments.  I have sent your website onto some other friends having difficulties so they may also post.. The [communications unit] from the meter at my property is now put into storage and will be replaced onto this property only if other residents request it….It can not be transferred to another property…


The meter is being removed on the second property in a couple of weeks….I will get the information regarding the make from the present tenants [who have been suffering from depression and sleeping problems – Ed] as it is the same one as mine was.


[Editor’s note:  As the correspondent lives in the Counties Power area the type of meter at her home and the tenants’ home is probably a Landis+Gyr E350 series smart meter.  If this turns out not to be the case, this post will be updated. ]



I think this is a very interesting subject which in some ways does not surprise me, knowing the effects of microwaves but with most modern houses now wired to death with everything… what is going to happen to people’s health down the track…?.


I think some people are more sensitive that others to this but it should be talked about.


It was interesting that Contact didn’t question my wish to have the unit removed, but Meridian who the tenants are with refused to…..so the tenants have changed cover to Contact but will have a delay in having the unit removed…..The Counties Power man said he had already removed 28 units in the district due to ill health….


I have always been robustly healthy and still run a farm with 30 head of cattle and although now 72 I was surprised to be feeling these symptoms….


If there is anything I can do to help draw attention to this issue I would be happy to do so….



The following email was received two days after the communications unit (which produces the pulses of micorwave radiation) was removed from the smart meter:



The microchip was taken out of the meter which means it no longer radiates and collects data.


[Ed note:  I think the writer may be mistaken in her belief that the removal of the microchip means that the meter will no longer collect data; however removal of the communications unit does mean that the meter will no longer produce pulses of microwave radiation.]


Seemingly they only collect data for 4 minutes a day, I now have to read and have an estimated in-between the two months but considering the reduction of my symptoms already I am happy. My sinuses no longer pour at night when I go to bed, but I am still feeling a little dizzy on getting out of bed, but am no longer falling over. I think the damage to my inner ear may take longer to recover.   I have had no palpitations and the nausea is going since it has gone..  I have also continued turning off my wifi when not in use which is also helping.


I think at night when it was cold I had locked down the house to keep warm and their I sat watching TV with my wifi laptop on my knee and the smart meter 19 metres away and really I was sitting in an electromagnetic field…The old dog would suddenly start shaking his head and get quite demented and I would let him outside and he would settle.


The tenants have are having their meter removed next week.  They were the ones who told me that they were feeling depressed and not sleeping well and had experienced these types of symptoms before in rentals……I would never have thought of it myself most probably even though I knew the dangers of microwaves especially to the eyes……..The fact that Counties Power did not hesitate when I asked them to remove it says volumes…Maybe some people are more susceptible than others.


I found an interesting you tube video on the output of radiation from the wifi which also compounds the problem and I will sent you the link. What are all these people going to do living in these wired houses with all the mod cons when they start getting sick….


My house now feels so much calmer and even the dogs are more relaxed….I am going to continue turning everything off and watch the TV with the door open so as to dissipate the rays more…


[Editor’s comment:  This lady’s observation that she feels better when the doors and windows are interesting.  I recently read a very interesting book by an American woman who became extremely sensitive to electromagnetic radiation due to living in a home close to high voltage power lines.  She reported her symptoms  were not as bad when her home was well ventilated. The website for the book is http://www.backyardsecretexposed.com/

It is also quite clear to me from reports that I have received through www.stopsmartmeters.org.nz that different people do have different susceptibilities to developing symptoms from exposure to electromagnetic radiation.  Not everyone develops symptoms and when people are affected they can develop quite varied symptoms.]


Stop Smart Meters NZ contribution to Tasmania’s draft energy strategy

In February 2015, I wrote a document on behalf of www.stopsmartmeters.org.nz in response to a request for public feedback on the Tasmanian government’s draft energy strategy.

The document summarises the problems that the roll out of smart meters has caused to New Zealanders and urges the State government of Tasmania (Australia) to eschew the use of smart meters.

The link to the document (in PDF format) is here:


Stop Smart Meters Australia also contributed a thoughtful piece which focuses on the economic issues with smart meter deployments as well as health and privacy issues.  It may be read at this link:



The general link to submissions is here:


See Take Back Your Power for free on February 24!

Your chance to see the award winning smart meter documentary Take Back Your Power is coming up on February 24 in Auckland.  (If you are not in Auckland, the film may be streamed or purchased from www.takebackyourpower.net.)

This highly recommended documentary covers health, privacy and other issues with smart meters.

Details of the screening are here: http://www.naturalmedicine.net.nz/news/a-chance-to-see-the-award-winning-documentary-take-back-your-power-for-free/

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Peer-reviewed journal publishes article on smart meter health effects

An article by an Australian physician on adverse effects suffered by people who have had smart meters installed has now been published in a peer reviewed journal.  You can read about the article at this link:


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NB: Not everyone suffers from health effects following a smart meter installation as people’s sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation varies.  However the EMR produced by smart meters has been classified as a possible carcinogen by the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer so many people decide to prevent a smart meter installation for this reason.  (See https://stopsmartmeters.org.nz/how-to-avoid-getting-a-smart-meter/ if you don’t want a smart meter.)