Child stops feeling sick after smart meter removed

Hi Katherine,
We were given a smart meter several years ago now.  It was installed on the outside of my son’s bedroom.  He was nine years old at the time.  He is fourteen now so it was about five years ago.

He would say he was sick up to three times a week.  It was always very vague.  He would say he just felt sick.  Then about 10 o’clock in the morning he would get up and suddenly feel much better.  This pattern carried on for several months.  Finally I decided that the smart meter outside his room might have something to do with his health.

I rang my provider, at the time and had the smart meter removed.  Immediately Henry’s health improved.  No more days off school for a vague illness.

We do not use wi-fi, microwaves or cordless phones in our home and cell phone coverage is very poor where we live.  I am happy to say Henry has remained healthy since removal of the smart meter.

I hope this is helpful.


[Full name supplied]

Site editor’s note: If you have have experienced illness after a smart meter installation, you may contact through our Contact Form.  Reports are received in confidence and posted on the website only if permission has been given for this to be done.

In many of the reports that I have received relating to illness after a smart meter installation, the smart meter has been close to a bed or some other location (such as a work desk) where a person spends a lot of time. In such cases, the exposure to microwave radiation can be expected to be higher than when smart meters are located further away from parts of a home or business where people spend a large amount of time. 

In the case of this child’s experience, it is not possible to estimate the level of microwave radiation to which he was exposed as the brand and model of the smart meter is not known, due to it having been removed a number of years ago.  (Different smart meters on the NZ market have different emission profiles;  for information on exposure from different types of meters, please visit the Technical FAQs section of our FAQs page.)

Please note that beds should be located at least one metre (preferably two metres or more) away from even an analogue (Ferraris)  meter due to the high magnetic fields produced by a Ferraris meter. (The strength of these fields decline rapidly with distance.) 

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