Company removes smart meter after it was installed in error

Site editor’s note: This past week I received this report about how a smart meter was installed due to a communications error…The electricity retailer then arranged for its removal.  This may seem quite straightforward and normal customer service;  however, not every company in NZ removes smart meters when they have been installed due to communications breakdowns so it is always good to receive reports about companies doing the right thing by their customers.

The installation of the smart meter came about after Mum needed to get electrical work done to replace some old and dodgy wiring, and the local electrician doing the work said she really should get a new meter, but that meter installation had to be organised by the power supplier, which in her case was Trustpower. They in turn contracted the installation to Delta.

Mum was very clear about not wanting a smart meter and showed the electrician the articles in Organic NZ and The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine, and he was very interested. He said he thought that there would be a non-smart meter available, and that he would arrange it with Trustpower. Somewhere along the line the communication didn’t work and a smart meter was installed.

She was very angry and told the electrician and Trustpower that they had gone against her request, even after they had promised (verbally) to install a non-smart meter. Nothing happened for about a month and then they rang up and came to replace it with a “Legacy” meter.

I might add that the meter is in the hall on the other side of the wall from her bedroom. Trustpower said it would only be transmitting for a very short period each day (in the middle of the night, I think).


Site editor’s note: Regarding the claim that the meter would transmit only for a short period each day, this is a common statement made by many companies. Independent in-use testing of smart meters in NZ has shown very different types of microwave radiation emission profiles from as often as once every eight seconds, to as infrequently as once every eight hours. However, not all makes and models of smart meters installed in homes and businesses in NZ  have yet been tested in a real-life situation.

If you are interested in how much microwave radiation different smart meters may produce, please see these links: