If you live in Hamilton or elsewhere in the Waikato you may be offered a “smart box” by WEL.

This is actually a Landis+Gyr “smart meter”.

Like the other “smart meters” in use in NZ, the WEL “smart box” produces radio frequency radiation which is a type 2B possible carcinogen.

Although the WEL’s website suggest that there is a government requirement to have a “smart box” there is no law or regulation which forces you to accept a ‘smart box” if you do not want one.  Other people have successfully refused a WEL :”smart box” and you can, too.

Please see this link for more information:  https://stopsmartmeters.org.nz/uncategorized/wel-smart-box-installation-prevented/

Please also note that a WEL “smart box” may also be able to be used to collect data from a “smart” water meter.  If you do not want a  “smart” water meter (or any other type of water meter), please see this link:  https://stopsmartmeters.org.nz/government-and-electricity-industry-positions/is-the-wel-smart-box-a-way-to-facilitate-smart-water-metering/