The Australian state of Victoria has been the site of a massive roll out of “smart meters” in recent years. This has been financially costly for all consumers.  It has also meant that some people who are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation have had their health so badly affected that they have had to move to another state to escape the level of electromagnetic pollution caused by the “smart grid” in their home state. (For one example, please see this link

Now it appears that some of the companies involved in this “smart meter” roll out, during which people have reported being intimidation by power companies ( see: )  are at least part-owned by companies that are in turn owned by the Chinese communist regime.  This regime, is, of course infamous for its treatment of political and religious dissidents.  Lesser known is the regime’s brutal treatment of women; under its “one child family” policy women who become pregnant with a second child can be (and have been) kidnapped from the street or their homes by “Family Planning” officials and taken to hospitals where their babies have been forcibly aborted, up to and including the third trimester. (Apologies to sensitive readers.)

For more details on the Chinese communist regime’s financial interest in companies trying to force “smart meters” on Australians, please see this link: