Site editor’s note: Further to the report at this link, with the permission of his patient, the health professional treating her for her chronic, severe autoimmune problem has typed up his patient’s recollection of her recent dealings with her electricity company, and it is presented below.

Please note this is not necessarily word-for-word but communicates the tone and content of the conversation between his patient and a representative of her electricity company:



Customer [who has autoimmune condition] “I do not want a smart meter. You promised twice, a year or two ago, that you would not install because of my health problems.


Mercury: We have now changed the policy & what you say no longer counts. The new policy is to have meters in every house.


Customer:  But it affects my health (Auto-immune disorder).


Mercury: That’s our policy.


Customer: I have a contract for the “safe” delivery of electricity & you have now changed this to “unsafe.”


Mercury: It IS safe. It has been proven to be safe, Madam.


Customer: To my belief & knowledge it is harmful to my health and therefore you need my permission to install a smart meter.


Mercury: We can come onto your property at anytime and do what we want and there is not a thing that you can do about it.


Customer: That’s obscene, to have no rights whatsoever.


Site editor’s note:  Given the arrogant attitude of the staff as demonstrated above, this chronically ill lady changed electricity companies as she felt she had no other option as she was not prepared to accept a “smart meter” given that her health was already fragile and she was not prepared to accept the risk that a “smart meter” might cause further damage to her health. She suffered a financial loss of $250 as she had to break the contract early.

For an example of another customer’s recent experiences with Mercury Energy, please see this link:


Note to any representative of Mercury Energy who may read this post: If the Mercury staff member who spoke with this customer was not representing Mercury Energy’s policy vis-a-vis “smart meters” accurately, please email through the contact form at this link Thank you.