Counties Power which manages the electricity lines for Pukekohe and surrounding areas including parts of Papakura is now replacing analogue (electromechanical)  meters with “smart meters”.  These will be replaced first in Pukekohe.

According to Counties Power’s website:

“The smart meters being purchased by Counties Power will be supplied by Landis+Gyr, and will be manufactured in Australia. The meters can communicate with each other and with 220 relays to form a meshed communication network. This mesh configuration ensures no single fault will disrupt the meter communications. The communication equipment is provided by Silver Spring Networks, with the accompanying software being managed by Metrix.”  (See: for more information.)

The meshed network system chosen by Counties Power will probably mean that the meters send out pulses of microwave radiation more frequently than “smart meters” which are not part of a mesh network.

The “smart” electricity meters being installed by Counties Power contain a “Zigbee” ship or unit which is an additional source of microwave radiation. (See

People who live in Pukekohe, Papakura and surrounding areas who do not want a “smart meter” should take precautions now such as putting a lock and notice on their meter box if it is outside.  In the case of an indoor meter box is inside, it is prudent to inform members of the household who may be at home that if a technician comes to replace the electricity meter, they should not to let the technician into the house.  For more information on how to prevent an unwanted “smart meter” installation, please see this link:

Please also take the time to inform friends and relatives in the area about the “smart meter” issue as it can be difficult to get a “smart meter” removed once it has been installed.

Counties Power is respecting people who notifiy the company that they do not want a “smart meter”:  See this link for an example: