According to it will cost millions of dollars to replace analogue (electromechanical) meters with microwave-radiation emiting “smart meters” in Invercargill and Southland.

According to the article:

“PowerNet will begin its installation of smart meters within the next couple of months, after the announcement of a $24.5 million investment.”

The roll out is planned to occur over a three year period.¬† To their credit, while PowerNet chief executive Jason Franklin said that while he expected “education” about “smart meters” would cause people to welcome them, “Ultimately, if someone doesn’t want a smart meter we won’t impose one on them.”

According Powernet’s website, the company¬† manages lines for The Power Company Limited, Electricity Invercargill Limited, OtagoNet Joint Venture, Stewart Island Electricity Supply Authority (SIESA), and Electricity¬†Southland Limited (Lakeland Network in Frankton.)

If you live in any of these area and do not want a “smart meter”, please see this link for information:

Please also warn relatives and friends in the area.