The health website has reported that heavy cell phone use may increase brain cancer risk.  Heavy cell phone use was defined as being more than 30 minutes use per day.  The article emphasises that due to rapidly changing cell phone technnology, the risks of current phones are difficult to assess.

If you have to use a cell phone for work,  using an air tube headset substantially reduces your brain’s exposure to microwave radiation.  (For more suggestions as to how to reduce your exposure to EMR please see this link: )


You can read the report at this link:


As far as “smart meters” are concerned, the link between brain tumours and cell phones raises important questions.

Like cells phones, “smart meters” use radiofrequency radiation in the microwave range to transmit data.  People who spend a lot of time close to a “smart meter”, for example, because one has been installed close to the head of their bed or the desk where they work for eight hours per day may possibly be at higher risk of developing a brain tumour, or another tumour from exposure to microwave radiation.  Although electricity companies often state that “smart meters” transmit infrequently, actual in-use measurements of some “smart meters” shows that “smart meters” may produce microwave radiation on a nearly continuous basis. See this link for details