While iPads can be great fun to use, the bad news is that they produce considerable amounts of EMR when they are connected wirelessly to the internet.

Moreover, even if you are not actively using the device, an iPad will regularly put out  pulses of microwave radiation unless you turn off all the modems on the iPad.

To reduce unnecessary microwave radiation exposure (to yourself and others in the vicinity) , it  would be prudent to ensure that whenever you are using an iPad for an activity that does not require you to be connected wirelessly to the internet, you switch off all the modems.

The video below shows how to connect an iPad to the internet with an ethernet cable so you can enjoy being online with your iPad without being”zapped”.  (Please note that I do not own an iPad so have not been able to try this for myself.)

If you have a wi-fi router, the link to the PDF below (from Paul Waddell’s website www.safespace.net.nz) explains how to turn off the wireless capability so that wi-fi router does not expose you to  the approximately 20,000 microwatts per square metre which seems to be a fairly common level exposure at about one metre from the sorts of  wi-fi routers used in NZ homes.