It started when a truck driver lost control of his vehicle and plowed into a power pole, causing the top wire (carrying a high voltage) to smack into the lower wire (carrying a lower voltage).

The resulting power surge as the electricity from the high voltage line was transferred into a lower voltage line resulted in hundreds of smart meters in the vicinity exploding, and thousands of people losing power.

I was curious to know what would happen to a traditional, analogue electromechanical (Ferraris) electricity meter under similar circumstances.  Would it also explode?

I asked an electrician friend who said, no, a power surge of this type would not cause an analogue meter to explode.

As a friend wrote to me earlier today when she sent me a link to this story, the risk that a smart meter could explode is another compelling reason to say no to a smart meter and to keep your existing Ferraris meter, if you still have one. It is also a compelling reason to get an existing smart meter removed.

You can read all about the incident (and see videos of the remains of smart meters and damaged power points inside people’s homes at the links below:

Josh del Sol’s (the producer of Take Back Your Power) perspective on the exploding smart meters (together with links to smart meter related fires, ) is at this link:

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