This is a note to let you know that recently I re-contacted Genesis Energy concerning the removal of this smart meter from my property. My initial contact, with Genesis Energy when these were first installed on the coast was to be to be told “no Smart Meter no electricity”!

However this time they were very helpful and within a week a contractor arrived and removed the modem at no extra charge. I will forward for your information their letter to me.


[Name supplied]

Site editor’s comment:  This contributor was a sent an email by Genesis which stated that when the modem was removed, the meter would no longer transmit data via the Vodafone network and meter readers would need to call at the home to get manual meter readings.  The email also stated that the company could not guarantee the meter reading would remain a “non-chargeable” service in future due to the fact that many of the company’s customers will have “advanced” meters.