Stop Smart Meters Australia has reported that an American scientist has called for new legislation to protect the public from EMR created by “smart meters”..

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“As American FCC (Federal Communications Commission) guidelines for human exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields are based on the same outdated premises as the Australian standard, this document could be used as a basis to write to Australian legislators. The FCC’s regulations, similar to Australian regulations, “protect only against gross overheating and do not protect from biological harm caused by low (‘non-thermal’) levels of microwaves”.

New Zealand’s national standard for radiofrequency radiation produced by “smart meters” and other devices such as cell phones (NS 2772.1:1999) is similarly designed to protect against thermal injury only, not other potential adverse effects such as DNA damage and cancer.

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“Dr Conrad also discusses how the dangers associated with creating perpetually hackable wireless mesh networks which provide a tapping device on every home, can be used as a potential weapon of mass debilitation and contain a power cut-off switch to every home.”  SOURCE:

Dr Conrad’s document may be downloaded from this link: